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A Guide To Post-Contract Stipulations

A Guide to Post-Contract Stipulations

Once your deal is just about done, it’s time to submit some post-contract stipulations. It can sometimes feel overwhelming to get all supporting documents together while your customer is itching to finish up.

Here are 3 important points in post-contract stipulations, and how to get them done so you can get closing!

1. Match the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO)

When sending in the sold vehicle’s MSO, it’s key that the one that’s being sent matches the vehicle on the application. If the MSO doesn’t match, then the terms for your deal can change! 

Double check all of the vehicle information before sending to make sure there are no surprises. For Roadrunner deals, the mailing address for the MSO is:

Roadrunner Financial, Inc., Attn: Title Department PO Box 167888 Irving, TX 75016

2. When Proof of Insurance is Needed

Some deals require proof of insurance and some don’t. To take the guesswork out of this post-contract stip, the Roadrunner Financial insurance requirements are: 

We require insurance on any risk tier above 3, on any unit where more than $12K is being financed. 

If your deal doesn’t meet this criteria, then you’re good to go without insurance!

3. Lien Holder Info

As any required post-contract stips are gathered, the Lien Holder info for Roadrunner Financial is a piece of info you’ll need to know. Anywhere a lien holder address is required on post-contract documents for Roadrunner deals, this is what to write:

Roadrunner Financial Inc. PO Box 312 Wilmington, OH 45177

We hope these 3 short and sweet tips help to streamline your post-contract stipping process. Check out our Dealer 101 series for more helpful tips, tricks, and guides!

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