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New & Used
Bintelli Models

Golf Carts

Bintelli 4PR Street Legal
Bintelli 6PR Street Legal
Bintelli Beyond 4PR Street Legal Aluminum Frame
Bintelli Beyond 6PR Street Legal Aluminum Frame
Lifted Bintelli 4PR Street Legal – AC Motor
Bintelli 6PF Street Legal
Bintelli 8PR Street Legal
Bintelli Beyond 6PR Lifted Street Legal – Loaded
Bintelli Wheelchair 6PR SL
Bintelli Custom Golf Carts
Bintelli Utility Deluxe Street Legal
Bintelli Utility Buddy

Bintelli 6PR XLC Street Legal 
Bintelli Utility Buddy Deluxe 
Bintelli Utility Buddy Enclosed 
Bintelli Transport Buddy 9PR
15P Bintelli Transport Buddy Electric Shuttle SE 
15p Bintelli Transport Buddy Electric Shuttle
Bintelli Utility Cargo Truck
Bintelli Industrial Truck Deluxe 1.5T
Bintelli Pressure Washing Buddy
Bintelli Enclosed Electric Shuttle 15p



Here’s How it Works



Complete a quick application and get an instant prequalified credit decision. No commitments. No impact on credit score.



You’ll see real terms and monthly payments. Compare your personalized financing offer and choose what’s right for you!



Take your prequalified credit offer to a local dealership, test-drive the vehicle, complete and sign your paperwork electronically, and they’ll hand over the keys!

No commitment. No impact on credit score.


Q: What is a Bintelli loan?

We offer financing by way of a retail installment loan, where the value of the vehicle is split up into installments to be paid over time (plus interest). When you agree to Roadrunner Financial financing terms, your interest rate and monthly payments will never change.

Q: How do I get a Bintelli loan?

Roadrunner Financial makes financing super simple. First, fill out our fast and easy online application. You’ll submit some information like your name and address, and get a pre-qualified decision in minutes. We’ll connect you with a dealership and they’ll take care of verifying your info, signing contracts, and handing you the keys.

We’re one of the only powersports lenders with soft credit pulls. That means our application will not initiate what’s called a “hard inquiry” on your credit (which can affect your credit score). We’re able to pre-qualify you for financing without any credit impact. The only time we’ll do a hard inquiry is when you are ready to sign your contract.

We work with thousands of trusted dealerships to ensure a first-class customer service experience. Once pre-qualified, our team will work to connect you with a Roadrunner Financial dealership. If you have a dealer in mind, and they’re not already signed up, we can get them signed up same-day.

If you choose to move forward with your pre-qualified offer, we’ll need you to submit some personal info (just to make sure it’s you!). We’ll need your driver’s license and a few other documents for verification.

Our technology allows us to qualify applicants based on the big picture, not just your credit score. We think everyone should apply to see if they pre-qualify for financing. Our application has no fees and no impact on credit, so why not apply?

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Bintelli makes colorfully eye-catching vehicles for riders who want to cruise around in style. Hop on a Bintelli golf cart or scooter to feel the purest form of freedom. Get started now, and we can have you riding in no time.

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